Apartment Security Tips & Advice for Renters

Renting an apartment is a pretty common step for most people young or old. Not everyone wants to own and not everyone can afford to own.

In today article we will discuss a few key points that you can easily implement to help keep your apartment safe and secure.

Before Moving In

Before you commit to putting pen to paper and signing your rental agreement there are a few things you can do to make sure the place that you move into will be safe.

Research the Local Crime Statistics

If you are moving to a new area you know nothing about you might be stung. It’s best to research the crime statistics online for the suburb you will be moving to. Normally there are local government websites that provideĀ  this data and compare it to the national average.

For example UKCrimeStats.com is a good place to look. Check out this example on London crime stats.

How’s the Lighting?

If the apartment complex is not well lit at night this could be a sign that the apartment complex could be targeted for break-ins. As it’s very easy to slip away unnoticed in poorly lit areas and this is what a robber is looking for.

Make sure the apartment you want to move in to has good exterior lighting and even better if it has a front security desk or key card access.

After Moving into your New Apartment

Once you’ve found that perfect new place to call home there are a few things you’ll want to take care of to make sure you are safe.

Change the Locks

You’ve just moved into a new apartment and the owner or agent gave you a fresh set of keys. But how can you know if the old tenants don’t have a copy if it’s by mistake or on purpose with the plan to rib the new tenants.

It’s best to speak to your building management first. Ask them what the buildings policy is. You might find out that changing locks before a new tenant takes over if part of policy. If this is the case ask to see the paperwork to confirm the locks were changed.

If the locks were not changed then it’s time to get on the phone and call a locksmith about getting the locks changed.

Get Renters Insurance

Just because you don’t own the apartment doesn’t mean you should skip on insurance. There is still a slight chance you could have a break-in. So it’s best to get renters insurance.

This insurance will also cover your for a variety of different things that such as fire or flood damage that you should be covered for and have nothing to do with break-ins.

Buy a Good Set of Blinds for each Room

A nice set of blinds not only looks good but it also prevent would be robbers from seeing what’s inside your apartment. This is one of the lowest cost options that gives you that extra sense of security.

Just remember to close the blinds when you leave your apartment each time.

This list is only a small part of what you could potentially look into. This is a great resource of over 20 different things you can check on to make sure you apartment is safe and secure.